Thursday, April 27, 2006

What are you doing here? Clearly, you've made a wrong turn and gotten yourself horribly lost on the internet. However, on the off chance that you got here on purpose, you have my condolences.

I'm guessing you've got two questions. First, "Why does this guy have a blog?" The simple answer is that I'm an aspiring novelist (Supernatural Suspense , and somewhere on the internet there's some guideline or rule that states all aspiring novelists need a blog. I think it has something to do with needing a place to help market our books. If you got here, you could probably find a website that verifies this. If not, then you'll have to take my word for it.

The second question niggling at your mind has got to be "Why name a blog Dark and Disorderly." Because Forensics and Faith was already taken. Okay, that's not true. I mean, yes, Forensics and Faith is already taken (by author Brandilyn Collins, who has made it an infinitely more entertaining and educational place to visit than this), but no, that's not why I picked this name. I wanted a name that reflects my writing, how I approach it, and what I hope to accomplish with it.

Paraphasing the dictionary:

Dark - showing evil traits, possessing depth and richness.
Disorderly - acting in a manner which disturbs the order of.

I want to write stories that shine God's light. For me, the most effective way to do that is by shining it in the darkness. The beam of a flashlight is hard to see in the light of day; it's only in the darkness that it shines brightest. Only then can one really appreciate how valuable, how lifesaving it can be.

I dont' want to write a piece of Christian Fiction in which the hero is all good, the villian all bad, and all the Godless heathens accept Christ on page 241. I want to shake up the order of things. There are some amazing writers doing that now, the most recognized are probably Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I want to help them shake things up more. And get more people thinking about Him.