Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Things Say The Darndest Things

Today's entry will make me the billionth person to ever blog about things their kids have said that made them laugh. Look on the bright side - it may not be the most original post ever, but I'm blogging two days in a row, so chill. Sam is almost 5, and Sara will be 4 in a few months. They're adorable, they're my kids, and this is my blog. Besides, I'm the only one reading this anyway. :)

One day last week I was taking my son Sam to soccer practice. His sister Sara was with us - she likes to color Cinderella pictures while Sam practices. On the drive to the practice facility, Sam asked "Daddy, how was the Earth made?" I told him that God made it. He replied "I know, but how did He make wood?" I explained that He made trees, and when we need wood, we chop down trees to get it. Having remained unusually quiet up to this point, Sara interjected. In a very matter-of-fact tone she announced "You know - beavers are better than scissors." Good to know.

After church last Sunday, my wife Carey and I were quizing the kids about what they learned in Sunday School. "We learned about Adam and Eve." Sam informed us. He proceded to tell us that "Adam was the first guy that God made. Eve was the second guy."

Sara also had her take on the morning's teaching. "They lived in a garden. But they ate the apple. They shouldn't have done that."

Carey asked Sara who told them to eat the apple. "The SNAKE!" Sara shouted.
"And what was the snake's name?"
"Hmmm." Sara thought for a moment. "Mister Snake." Close enough.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I've read a lot about the company, and the position I'm interviewing for. I think I'm a good fit. I pray this is the job that God has in mind for me. If not, well, let's just hope I don't freeze up during the interview. I can see it now...

"Mr. Scott, can you tell me the fastest way to move ORACLE tablespace between systems?"
"Um...well, beavers are better than scissors."

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yeah, I know. It's been over two months since I've update this blog. Sorry about that. If you've read back a few entries, you'll see that after 18 years with the same company, I was laid off. For the last few months, my writing has been confined to resumes, cover, and query letters. Some people might say it's the best fiction I've yet produced. Hopefully none of those people are hiring managers.

But I'm not here today to bore you with my employment situation. Instead, I want to write about the amazing blessings that have come to my family since my last post.

God has shown himself to my family so clearly over the last few months. He has used friends, family, and anonymous donors to show us His love.


I few weeks ago, my 4-year-old son asked if we could go out to lunch after church. I told him no, that we were trying to save money where we could while Daddy was out of work. He and my 3-year-old daughter were disappointed - going to Red Robin for lunch and a balloon on Sundays is a tradition for our family.

We pulled up to a ATM to get some money before going to Target for some household items. Looking back, I don't know why we did that, as Target accepts our ATM checkcard. I tried unsuccessfully to insert my card into the machine. It wouldn' take my card - wouldn't even let me insert it into the machine, let alone input my code. I tried a second time, figuring I was holding the card at the wrong angle or something. Nothing. I was about to roll up my window and drive away when a series of mechanical clicks and clunks drew my attention back to the machine. The words "Please take cash" appeared on the screen, and $40 popped out, no receipt.

It was the best Red Robin lunch we've ever had. And when we got home, the kids let the balloons go, sending them up to Jesus to thank him for His gift.

The Gift Card

Last Saturday, my wife picked up the mail on her way home from the store. Among he various catalogs and junk mail was an envelope with no return address. She opened the envelope and pulled out a greeting card. The verse let us know that a lot of people are praying for us, and was signed "A Friend." Inside was a $150 Walmart gift card. My wife had planned on going to Walmart on Sunday to buy things for our son's birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.

The Gift For Our Children

We send our children to a private Lutheran school. It isn't cheap, but we felt that sending them to a school that allowed them to talk and learn about God was important, even if it put a strain on our finances while I'm out of work. A few weeks ago, my wife went to the school office to buy some script - gift cards for Safeway. We are big supporters of the script program - a portion of every dollar we spend goes towards the school, and another portion goes to our children's tuition. The woman in the office asked my wife if she wanted the good news in person or in a letter. Not a big fan of drawing out the suspense, my wife asked for the news in person. She was informed that an anonymous donor had paid our children's tuition for the next four months - a gift of nearly $1,300. When my wife passed the news on to me, I was just as stunned as she had been when she received the news.

These are just some of the incredible things that have happened in the two months I've been out of work. There have been other acts of kindness that we will never be able to repay, but I haven't mentioned them, as I think the people that came to our aid would rather not be recognized.

If by some chance, you're one of the anonymous donors that came to our aid, we can't thank you enough. Know that when we're able, we will pass your kindness along to another member of God's family that finds themselves in need.

And if you're an employee of a certain large bank with a stagecoach in the logo, I hope you don't plan on coming after me for the forty bucks.